Food Truck Wraps: Cajunation

Services: Print and Install
About This Job-

More info about food truck graphic wraps

When it comes to graphic wraps for food trucks, there are many great solutions from logo decals all the way up to full wraps. Because these units come in many different shapes, sizes and options, ( i.e. serving windows and flip up shelves) creative and install experience is key.

With food trucks, the tough part is telling story with the unit opened up and closed. Can your guest tell what you serve? Will people seeing the unit on the road, get excited about your product and look you up?

The creative can make that happen.

We look forward to talking to you about the many great wrap options for food trucks.


The REV2 difference- Tell us more about REV2’s creative services.

The REV2 creative team has been designing wraps for over 20 years. They are also heavily experienced at designing for custom food trucks and food trailers. They understand the in and outs of these custom units and the best way to get your message across on these units with very little “uninterrupted” spaces. More than any other vehicle wrap type out there, food truck graphic wraps are key to driving traffic to your unit and making you stand out from other units at the events.

Creative is Key!!!