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Complete In-House Wrap Services

  • • Large "On-Site" Install Bays (see more)
    Large "On-Site" Install Bays are Key When wrap shops lack large install bays, many vehicles need to be installed at other locations. Bays also should be large enough to hold multiple units at one time. Most important- The bays should only be used for wrapping and graphics work. Other services like wood shops and metal shops can cut up dust and dirt, which gets under the wraps.
  • • In-House Installers (see more)
    REV2 install work is not outsourced to third parties. A dirty little secret is most "NON-WRAP" graphics companies will outsource the installation of their vehicle graphics. Full wrap installation takes a special kind of skill sets to get it right. It is also important that the installers need to be full-time installers, not part-time sales staff, accountants, or mechanics.
  • • Wrap Creative Services (see more)
    REV2 will work with "your" in-house team and make the process as easy as possible. Our team works closely with the in-house installers to ensure the design will work on the vehicle and look good. Wrap Passion- designing wraps is a different type of design service. We LOVE designing the wraps and watching our clients get excited when they see the installed wraps for the first time. #Priceless
  • • 100% Kansas City Based (see more)
    REV2 is a 100% Kansas City-based vehicle wrap company. While we believe that larger brands should use one national source for all printing and find local installers to help protect the brand. We are also strong believers that local companies are better served by local wrap companies. Local wrap companies can meet with you, one on one. Local wrap companies can see your unit in person and touch it. They will be able to see issues that might come up before work is started. Local wrap companies know the market and other "like" vehicles on the road. You need to stand out!!!
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