Pickup Vehicle Wraps- Mosquito Joe North KC

About This Job-
More info about pickup wraps

When it comes to graphic wraps on pickups, there are many great solutions from logo (decals) all the way up to full wraps. Because there is not a lot of unobstructed branding space on pickups, “spot on creative” is must, to successful brand these units.

We look forward to talking to you about the many great wrap option for your pickup.

The REV2 difference- Tell us more about REV2’s creative team.

The REV2 creative team has been designing wraps for over 20 years. They will work hand in hand with you or your ad company to design the best vehicle wrap possible. REV2 is an outside set of eyes looking at your message and brand. We will offer advice and suggestions based on being that outside set of eyes. Our creative director likes to say, “Nothing is harder than designing for yourself”.