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People typically call box truck, trailer and bus wraps the perfect moving billboard. The trap, not to fall into, with these type of vehicle wraps, is seeing the area as a huge blank canvas and throwing a ton of info on it. As with all branded vehicles, you only have a few seconds to get your message across, so easy to read graphic wraps are key.

We also like to remind our clients about how important the back of the vehicle is.  The back doors get the most attention driving down the road so they are the most important storytelling side.


The REV2 difference- Tell us more about rev2’s install bays

The install bays at REV2  are large enough to hold multiple large units at one time. The bays give us logistical leeway on getting vehicles prepped for install and inspected after the wrap is finished. This in turn, translates to better wraps because there is no need to push the vehicles out the door.

The REV2 bays are also “dedicated” install bays. They are not shared with other companies or other services that kick up dust and dirt. Install bays need to stay clean to help ensure the highest quality wrap.

Creative is Key!!!